March 2017 - CyberCentral Conference 2018


Read The Manual: A Guide to the RTM Banking Trojan

(The text below is provided by ESET) There are several groups actively and profitably targeting businesses in Russia. A trend that we have seen unfold before our eyes lately is these cybercriminals’ use of simple backdoors to gain a foothold in their targets’ networks. Once they have this access, a lot of the work is done […]


Cyber Security, Boxing, Poker & Treasure Isle: Interview with Cathal Judge

How many times have we compared cyber security with a battlefield? Hundreds, right? Well, Cathal Judge, Information Security Architect at Pret & Manger, UK, is an innovator in his own way. For him, cyber security is more like martial arts. You need to anticipate your opponent’s next move in order to prepare your defence and of course, […]