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How CyberCentral Changed the European Cybersphere

Feedback is valuable information that can be used to make important decisions in the future. No matter what’s your industry, feedback is valuable and necessary. For us, “continuous improvement” is not just a showy catchphrase. It motivates us and makes us better. We always ask our attendees and speakers for their feedback after the event. What […]


Read The Manual: A Guide to the RTM Banking Trojan

(The text below is provided by ESET) There are several groups actively and profitably targeting businesses in Russia. A trend that we have seen unfold before our eyes lately is these cybercriminals’ use of simple backdoors to gain a foothold in their targets’ networks. Once they have this access, a lot of the work is done […]


Cyber Security, Boxing, Poker & Treasure Isle: Interview with Cathal Judge

How many times have we compared cyber security with a battlefield? Hundreds, right? Well, Cathal Judge, Information Security Architect at Pret & Manger, UK, is an innovator in his own way. For him, cyber security is more like martial arts. You need to anticipate your opponent’s next move in order to prepare your defence and of course, […]


Cyber Threats, Skiing & Tech Innovations: Interview with Komitas Stepanyan

You think that fighting cyber threats is different from skiing? Well, we beg to differ. And so does Komitas Stepanyan, Deputy Head of Internal Audit at Central Bank of Armenia. When I first introduced myself to him as EBCG’s Social Media and Content Maniac, I wasn’t expecting his reaction. “I loved your description! I am ready to be the “Victim” in […]


What’s cooking in the CyberCentral kitchen?

We can see you. Sitting in your office, browsing through hundreds of email. “We’ve been hacked!” says one of them. And now? How did this happen? You were prepared for the worst case scenario. But unfortunately, you’ve been hacked. Hackers are not necessarily smarter than you but they are way quicker. The real question is […]


Speaker Interview with Branko Dzakula

Shift it. Shield it. Share it. That the moto of the 2017 CyberCentral. Treat yourself with 2 or 3 days out of the office routine and join an international community of like-minded cyber security enthusiasts. One of our exceptional and enthusiastic speakers is Branko Dzakula, Information Security Officer, Corporate Security at Air Serbia. I had the opportunity to talk […]