Luka Milinkovic

ICT Processes, Controls and Compliance Specialist. Banca Intesa.

Who Is Luka ?

Luka Milinkovic has many years of experience in controlling and managing of IT security risks through the development of new solutions and performing IT audits. Luka has participated in various projects such as development and implementation of crypto algorithms and protocols, authentication methods, digital payment systems, blockchain technology, data protection and implementation of models for the automatic detection of internal/external fraudulent acts. Now, Luka is employed within the ICT Governance team in Banca Intesa Belgrade. Some of his activities are defining ITIL processes and IT controls, strategic IT management, IT risk management and application of new technologies. Luka is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association eSecurity. He is the author of numerous scientific papers, which were published at the international conferences, and professional articles in the field of IT business and data protection. His passions are cryptography, authentication algorithms, blockchain, fraud detection methodology and security design.

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