Michael Koczwara

Head of Cyber Red Team, Group CISO, Aviva, United Kingdom

Who Is Michael?

I am Red/Purple Teamer. I have been involved in various cyber security projects, managing teams and engaging with senior management to meet objectives and maximizing defenses against sophisticated cyber attacks. I have conducted penetration tests and red/purple team engagements in various FTSE100 companies. I specialize in Red Teaming (lateral movements, APT cyber attack simulations, data ex-filtration, spear phishing, malware infection, incident response capability) but I have a wide knowledge in offensive and defensive parts of cybersecurity (Application Security, SOC, Incident Response, Ethical Hacking, Threat Hunting and Malware Analysis). I am confident keynote/public speaker and have been invited to the variety of tech/cyber events in London and Europe. I am acknowledged by Sony, Apple, BlackBerry, Dell, ESET, SkyTV, Bitcasa Cloud, General Motors, CERT-US and CERT-EU.

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