Michael Stout

Information Security Consultant, Mentor & Speaker; GDPR Practioner & Virtual CISO

Who is Michael?

Michael is an InfoSec consultant, mentor & speaker who is pragmatic in approach and customer service oriented. Originally from Northern California and after a successful career in IT management, he came to Europe and worked with technology start-ups in senior management and consultant roles. In 2001, he was increasingly requested to perform information security assessments which became his focus. He possesses a high degree of expertise across the InfoSec discipline. In 2005 he was part of the team that rolled out the Certified Ethical Hacker program in Europe. He trains and mentors individuals and groups in all areas he consults as well as advising early-stage and pre-funding startups. Internationally focused, highly technical and hands-on, he prefers active problem-solving roles over ticking boxes. An expert in cyber-warfare, he has taught and consulted at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre, the Dutch Police Academy, the An Garda Síochána, other government organizations, businesses and high-profile private individuals.

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