Milan Pikula

Deputy Director SK-CERT (National Security Authority)

Who is Milan?

Milan is lucky to have seen how computers and the Internet transformed the society, previously based on paper and pencil. As a developer, he began with machine code of 8-bit microcomputers,
then advanced through various high level languages and operating systems, finally finding his niche in the areas of unix, linux, networking, and security. He is used to juggle multiple technical, non-technical, and managerial roles at the same time. He was a part of the national team at Locked Shields 2016 (Slovakia ranked first), Cyberex 2017 (NSA team ranked second out of 65 teams), and SecOps Europe 2018 (NSA team ranked first). Through 25 years of active involvement he is an active member and leader of various FOSS projects and communities. Among other things, he was a co-founder of the first Slovak Linux User’s Group (SKLUG), and currently simultaneously holds the position of Deputy Director at at SK-CERT