Rafael Narezzi

CISO - Chief Cyber Security Strategist

Who is Rafael?

I am a skilled CIO, with extensive experience in the development of high-value IT strategy, functions and innovations for global organisations, partnering with senior leaders to drive business growth and performance. I lead the development of new infrastructure and technologies which substantially expand technical capabilities, and increase the portfolio of client products and services. Pioneering innovation focused on machine-learning and interactive product suites, I transform product offering, with a firm emphasis on client engagement and competitive advantage. I grow IT resilience, service quality and cost control, through a continuous improvement of solutions, efficiencies and capabilities of global technology teams. Leveraging an intuitive commercial intelligence with a broad technical expertise, I engage senior business leaders with robust cost / benefit analysis and business cases. I develop meticulous IT control frameworks which safeguard corporate security, underpinned by my cyber security expertise as an author and presenter at international conferences. A subject-matter expert in cyber security, I bring state-of-the-art solutions to global businesses to drive competitive advantage and brand protection. As a leader of international multidisciplinary IT teams, I cultivate accountability and engagement in both internal staff group and third parties. Key to positioning technology as an enabler of business growth is developing sound partnerships throughout the business, and I am a strong communicator and presenter to technical and non-technical audiences. SKILLS: IT Strategy, Cyber Security, Digital Transformation, Machine-Learning,Hybrid Infrastructures, Budget Control, Cost Reduction, Systems Implementation, Business Integration, Risk Management, Compliance; Disaster Recovery.

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