Solomon Sonya

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, United States Air Force Academy

Who is Solomon?

Solomon Sonya (@Carpenter1010) is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy. He has a background in software engineering, malware analysis, covert channels, steganography, distributed computing, computer hacking, information protection paradigms, and cyber warfare.
He brings over 10 years of experience in working with industry as a cyber-security engineer and subject matter expert. His previous positions included being a software developer, software reverse engineer, senior network security operations center director, intrusion response director, and a research director. He received his Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and has Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Information System Engineering.
Solomon’s current research includes computer system exploitation, cyber threat intelligence, digital forensics, and data protection. Previous conferences Solomon has spoken at include: SecTor Canada, Hack in Paris, France, HackCon Norway, BlackHat USA, ICSIS – Toronto, ICORES Italy, BruCon Belgium, Hack.Lu Luxembourg, Shmoocon DC, DerbyCon Kentucky, SkyDogCon Tennessee, HackerHalted Georgia, Day-Con Ohio,
and TakeDownCon Connecticut, Maryland, and Alabama, AFCEA – Colorado Springs.