Tobias Schroedel

Germany's first IT comedian, Author of getabstract award winning book “Hacking for managers” Has fans worldwide – from Berlin to Tokyo who gave Tobias his nickname „comedyhacker“.

Who Is Tobias ?

At the age of ten, on Christmas 1981, Tobias Schroedel was given his first computer: a Sinclair Spectrum 48k. Only a few weeks later, the included games became boring and thanks to the built-in BASIC programming language, his first computer programs were created. This was followed by an Atari ST with acoustic coupler, a Commodore 64, and at the age 18 the first PC with MS-DOS.After graduating high school, Schrödel started studying economics at the LMU Munich but soon realized that he was in the wrong type of. Instead of learning Accounting, he preferred to network the PC lab at the university and there helped other students as a tutor. He dropped out of economics when he got the offer to turn his student job into a well-paid permanent position. Over the next few years, Schrödel developed shipping software for UPS customers and completed his training as a computer specialist. After being promoted to supervisor, a special assignment arrived from the US. Back in Germany, he was responsible for the development of logistics solutions in the enterprise business area. From 1998 until the end of 2012, Tobias Schrödel worked as a security consultant for today's Telekom subsidiary T-Systems. He trained for about 10 years as an IT specialist and since the year 2000, he is an honorary examiner for IHK Munich & Upper Bavaria. In addition to his book, he has also written several IT articles in various magazines. Since 2013 he is an independent consultant and speaker. He writes a weekly column and a blog.

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