Tony Sales

Closing Keynote-Director of Strategic Development, We Fight Fraud

Who Is Tony?

Britain's Greatest Fraudster, a reformed character using insider knowledge to help the UK fight back against all types of attacks. “As a fraudster I was able to think outside the box. Making the most of my specialist fraud expertise, now I have career working alongside the world biggest brands to help them fight fraud! Tony Sales is probably the only man in the world to have ever worked at both the summit of organisedcrime and the pinnacle of retail and banking fraud and loss prevention. His cross-over from elite criminal to top level consultant, trusted by the inner sanctum of banking, retail and insurance businesses with their most sensitive information, has been remarkable. Tony Sales has been labelled Britain’s Greatest Fraudster by the media. Although it is not an acclamation of which he is particularly proud, it does give an indication of the accomplishment and notoriety of the man. At his prime, Tony was defrauding retailers, finance houses and financial institutions out of £30 million through false identities, credit cards and other fraudulent schemes. Today he is now a reformed character. He works with leading banks retailers and financial institutions to identify weaknesses in their systems and correct them. His transformation from underworld royalty to elite consultant has been staggering and his insights into the worlds of crime and commerce utterly unique.

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